Marva – a homely office chair with hidden integrated ergonomic functions

Girsberger has developed “Marva”, a new functional swivel chair. This model’s many ergonomic features and adjustment options are not immediately visible. On the contrary – with its homely appearance and rounded, soft shape, the chair fits in perfectly with the ideal of the modern office, which is increasingly incorporating aspects of personal surroundings and becoming more homely. Its key feature is a new, extremely flat synchronic mechanism, which is fully and invisibly integrated into the seat.



Bützberg, 18.02.2021

The new functional swivel chair “Marva” offers a good solution to the increasing homeliness of the office environment on the one hand, and the requirements of a home office on the other. Its designer, Mathias Seiler, set out to create a swivel chair with concealed integrated ergonomic functions and a softer shape.

Packed with ergonomic features, this model has a synchronic mechanism with automatic spring tension for dynamic sitting, precise adjustment of the seat, backrest and lumbar area, and multiple armrest settings. There is a second mechanism option with additional fine spring tension adjustment and engageable negative seat tilt.

The backrest is concave, shaped to enclose the body, and fully covered with fabric. The model’s soft, rounded shape provides an exceptionally homely feel, while its fabric look is emphasized by the zip on the reverse of the backrest. Extra comfort is ensured by the soft, generously padded seat and the armrests made from soft PUR foam with large oval tops.

Design: Mathias Seiler


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