Conference table system with a beer glaze

Exquisite customized solution for a meeting room – a 20-metre table with a seamless surface 

This conference table system is a unique solution of a very special kind. How can a seamless 20-metre table possibly be delivered to a meeting room without suitably sized doors or windows? The answer: by assembling the table on site and adding the entire finish there. The now rarely used art of beer glaze was revived for this project and applied in multiple layers. 

Design, planning
GREGO | Jasmin Grego & Stephanie Kühnle Architektur GmbH, Zürich

Tabletop finish
Kunstgiesserei St. Gallen

Conference table system

Project photos
Swiss Re / Julien Vonier Fotografie

Making-of photos
André Bolliger

Girsberger Customized Furniture initially developed samples as well as a larger fragment as a prototype on the basis of renderings and sketches. For the supporting base of the table, a metal structure was used that was assembled and fitted on site. Although the table has an overhanging top, this construction ensures a high degree of sturdiness and stability. 

A supporting metal structure, which was delivered in separate parts and only assembled in the meeting room, serves as the base of the table system which has a length of 20 metres and a width of 2.4 metres. 40 data boxes and a cable management system were integrated into it. The desired graining effects were achieved thanks to an ancient glazing technique, beer glaze and special finishing methods. 257 bottles of beer were used during the process! To apply the finish, a special booth was set up on site.