A classic swivel chair with a flexibly mounted backrest for better comfort.
Design: Burkhard Vogtherr
Diagon is a classic, extremely comfortable cantilever chair for conference and meeting areas. To match the Diagon swivel chairs, the backrest is available with a breathable mesh, elasticated woven bands, or in a fully upholstered version. Diagon's hallmark is its aluminium backrest adapters. They have integrated pendulum joints which ensure that the backrest comfortably yields when you lean back. With the optional stackable frame, the Diagon cantilever chair can be stacked in groups of five.
Schwingstuhl Rücken Standard Netz, Seitenansicht
Freischwinger Rücken Netz, Frontansicht

Product family

Diagon Standard, woven bands
Diagon Standard, mesh
Diagon Medium, upholstered
Diagon Executive
Diagon Standard, mesh
Diagon Medium, woven bands
Diagon High, mesh
Diagon Standart, foot ring
Diagon high, upholstery Executive with headrest


Burkhard Vogtherr

Born in 1942, between 1972 and his death in 2019 Burkhard Vogtherr ran a product design agency. He worked for prestigious furniture manufacturers the world over, was one of the most famous German furniture designers, and won multiple awards during his career.
His expertise in areas such as sitting posture at work and movement sequences was incorporated in his designs for swivel chairs and conference furniture. However, Burkhard Vogtherr did not restrict himself just to form and design – he developed prototypes that stand in their own right. This often resulted in highly inventive furniture leading to patents across the globe.


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