An ingenious pull-out system on a slender supporting frame.
Design: Atelier I+N
The highlight of the Barra extendable table is its ingenious pull-out mechanism that allows you to lengthen the table area by 70 or 100 cm without any effort at all, while the base of the table remains in the same position.

Simple and inviting

The pull-out system enables you to effortlessly and quickly create space for four more people, making this the ideal choice for a sociable household.

Synchronized extension

The synchronized pull-out system extends the tabletop evenly on both sides. The grain is consistent throughout because the 28 mm thick tabletop and its extension are made from the same piece of wood. The synchronous pull-out technology is identical to  the one of our Bela extension table.

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Atelier I+N

Ismaël and Nathan Studer, born in 1984, completed their studies in industrial design at Lausanne Cantonal Art School (ECAL) in 2010 and 2011. In 2011, they set up their own studio, atelier I+N in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), and devoted themselves primarily to designing furniture.

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