Extendible dining table with legs positioned at the ends.
Design: Dieter Stierli
Andra is a solid wood table of modular construction with a host of optional features. It is available in a fixed size or as an extendable table. The extension mechanism is completely concealed by solid wood crossbeams. With three different leg versions, in solid wood or chrome-nickel steel, the table can be made to suit any home setting.

Uniform patterning

The tabletop and extension are made from the same piece of wood, so that the lengthwise graining of the solid wood is continued in the extension.

Product family

Andra rectangular table
Andra extension table


Dieter Stierli

Following an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker in Basel, Dieter Stierli attended the Kunstgewerbeschule arts and crafts college in Zurich. After spells working solo, he came to Girsberger, where he turned his focus more towards industrial design.
By the time he retired in 2010, Dieter Stierli had spent more than thirty years designing numerous seats and tables for offices and living spaces. He was also responsible for developing the company's corporate design.


Feet chrome nickel steel
Feets solid wood as tabletop
Solid wood sleigh legs, same as tabletop


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How are Girsberger solid wood tables made?

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