Barra Work – universal table for conference rooms and team workstations

The “Barra” table combines a streamlined form with construction logic. In the “Barra Work” version, the central double girder can also be used as a media duct, creating space for connecting elements and cable routing. The table system is therefore suitable for use as a conference table system, a desk, or for team workstations.

Bützberg, 02/07/2019

The new Barra Work table designed by Nathan and Ismaël Studer gives the impression of a floating surface on top of a slender supporting structure. Its key feature are two solid-wood beams that support the tabletop and incorporate a pair of legs at each end.
There is a storage space between the two supporting beams which can be used for media technology connecting elements and cable routing. The angled legs provide the table with excellent stability. With three pairs of legs and a two-piece tabletop, the table can be up to 480 cm in length. The width can be between 110 and 130 cm, depending on the length.

The 28 mm-thick oak or walnut solid-wood tabletop is available in a rectangular or oval shape. Other types of wood are available on request. The two pairs of steel legs are powder-coated in either black or silver.
The tables are primarily used in conference areas. However, thanks to its universal characteristics, “Barra Work” can also be used as a desk or a team workstation.
Nathan Studer: "Our goal was to design a table with an archaic, archetypal shape. Its purpose and meaning should be immediately recognizable. It is an essential and significant object at home and in the office; it is architecture in small format.” And his brother Ismaël adds: "And yet it is radically minimalist."

Design: Nathan und Ismaël Studer


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