Change of leadership in the Girsberger Group from August 2023

Next year – the 135th in the history of Swiss furniture manufacturer Girsberger based in the canton of Bern – will see a new generation take the helm. After 30 years as CEO of Girsberger Holding AG and as the fourth generation in the family business, Michael Girsberger will hand over the leadership of the company on 1 August 2023. He will be succeeded by Danielle Quaile, currently Managing Director of Girsberger AG. Davide Mastrodomenico, currently Head of the Girsberger Customized Furniture and Remanufacturing business units, will assume responsibility as the new Managing Director of Girsberger AG on the same date. Moving into the fifth generation of management, Girsberger will remain an independent, family-owned company with Michael Girsberger and his brother Jürg Girsberger as shareholders.

Bützberg 19 October 2022

With a view to ensuring a timely change of generation in the 135th year of Girsberger's history, Michael Girsberger will step down as CEO of Girsberger Holding AG on 31 July 2023 after reaching the age of 65. As of 1 August 2023, the fifth generation of management will begin leading the Girsberger Group into the future. The company has evolved significantly over the past few years, in an extensive process of change and diversification involving a lot of work and major investments. For Michael Girsberger, an important element in this change of management is that the company continues to make the best of both tradition and transformation.

With this in mind, he is handing over responsibility to experienced leaders who have demonstrated their competence and trustworthiness through many years of service and innovation within the company. As his successor as CEO of Girsberger Holding AG, Danielle Quaile will take responsibility for the leadership of the Group with the subsidiaries Girsberger AG (Switzerland), Girsberger GmbH (Germany), Mobimex AG (Switzerland), Boreal doo and Bo-Real Estate doo (Serbia).

Since 2018, Danielle Quaile has been Managing Director of Girsberger AG with market responsibility for Switzerland and France, as well as central responsibility for the Girsberger Home, Customized Furniture, Remanufacturing and Timber Trade business units.

Davide Mastrodomenico, currently a member of the Executive Board of Girsberger AG and Head of the Customized Furniture and Remanufacturing business units, has been appointed to succeed her as Managing Director of Girsberger AG (Switzerland), including the French market, as of 1 August 2023. It is not yet known who will succeed him in his current role.

Michael Girsberger will join the Board of Directors of Girsberger Holding AG after withdrawing from operational business.

Management of the other subsidiaries will remain unchanged: Henning Schweizer, CEO of Girsberger GmbH (Germany) including Girsberger Benelux and the Austrian market; Philippe Walther, CEO of Mobimex AG (Switzerland) with the brands Zoom by Mobimex and Studio by Mobimex, and Petar Borović, CEO of Boreal doo and Bo-Real Estate doo (Serbia).

Organisational chart of the Girsberger Group with subsidiaries as of 1 August 2023

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