Joiner, VET Diploma

Comprehensive basis for a career in joinery
Training location: Bützberg / CH

At Girsberger, an apprenticeship in joinery specializing in furniture and interior fittings provides you with in-depth basic training. Apprentices have the opportunity to work predominantly with solid wood and thus to become fully acquainted with the material and how to work with it. Selecting wood from our own timber depot, creating work drawings from scratch, treating surfaces, using appliances and machines and assembling furniture at the client's premises – apprentices will do all this as part of their training, with the support of our experienced trainers.

Duration of apprenticeship: 4 years

Joinery is the right vocation for you if you:

are good with your hands, can work accurately, value wood as a material, have good spatial awareness, enjoy drawing, have a sense for aesthetics and are good at maths. You must be reliable and motivated.

«I really like working at Girsberger because we get to use high-quality solid wood from the company's own timber depot. It's a dream come true to have such abundant resources!»

What you need to know about the apprenticeship

You'll attend the Berufsfachschule Langnau, a vocational college, for a day a week, and practical courses with trainees from other companies will also be held there for 2-4 weeks each year. At the end of the 3rd year of training, you will sit a practical exam that will count toward your final assessment. Your final apprenticeship examination will be an individual piece of practical work that you carry out for a client. Those with above-average school-leaving qualifications can choose to complete a Vocational Baccalaureate in Langenthal alongside their apprenticeship.