Sibora – a modular sideboard with a purist look.
Design: Eigenwert
Sibora essentially consists of two elements: shelves made of solid wood and shelf dividers made of anodized aluminium. Both these basic elements are joined together along a longitudinal groove without the need for any fixings. Depending on the number and combination of individual parts, Sibora can be used as a lowboard or sideboard, or as shelves. The paring down to two elements lends Sibora a purist look.

Useful additional features

Other features include drawers in two different heights plus a roller-mounted sliding door. These features combine to create a collage effect with open and closed segments, unusual angles and hidden niches.
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More information

Product family

Element height 22cm
Element height 33cm



Andreas Pfister, born in 1971, is a trained cabinetmaker and has his own workshop in Berne. Lars Villiger, born in 1974, is a graphic designer with his own studio in Worb. Since 1998, the pair have developed series products under the eigenwert label, which are based on simple yet beautifully crafted solutions that speak for themselves.


Drawer element 22cm height
Drawer element 33cm height
Sliding door (for element combination 22cm/33cm)
Shelf angle 22cm/33cm height


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