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Repair Revolution

Toni-Areal, Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich


An exhibition with an appeal to “repair, not replace!”

Can resource depletion, the drive for a circular economy and a new design mindset – combined with a reminder of what was in fact once normality – spark a new revolution? 

An exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Toni-Areal, presents a selection of what already exists, together with a vision of a future “repair society” as a contrast to the current throwaway mentality. The role of design in achieving this vision is also investigated, because the repairability of an object is of course determined by its design and construction.  

Images: Susanne Völlm © ZHdK

Old furniture doesn’t have to be replaced – it can also be repaired. Example: Girsberger Remanufacturing 

The furniture sector is represented in the exhibition with the example of wooden café chairs reconditioned by Girsberger Remanufacturing. Possibilities for repair as applied to textiles, appliances, vehicles and much more are also on show.


An exhibition well worth a visit! Open repair workshops are also offered on various dates, where visitors can bring their own broken objects and benefit from the chance to learn new skills. Simply inspiring!

Repair workshops offer an insight into how repair projects can be approached

Images: © ZHdK

The exhibition is open until 15 October.