Eatrenalin, Rust, Germany

Eatrenalin, Rust, Germany

New Dining Experience

A special transport system was created for the multi-sensory experience worlds of the Eatrenalin restaurant,  with armchairs that automatically move through the worlds during the visit. These “floating chairs” form part of an extraordinary gastronomic experience in which a first-class culinary offering is combined with media technology, technology and creative content.

During the Eatrenalin experience, guests move through a space that covers a total of 1,000 square metres on their Floating Chair. The height-adjustable and tiltable chair designed by atelier 522 and Mack Rides glides weightlessly through the different worlds in interaction with the media technology. Choreographed transport sequences help to give the impression of a ballet production. 

The technology is integrated in the chairs and tables, the mechanics are fully automated and the controls can be operated autonomously. In a defined rhythm of 20 to 30 minutes, 16 floating chairs embark on a sensory journey through the different parts of the restaurant. In combination with LED screens, moving elements, sophisticated lighting and sound technology and the entire range of Mack event and ride technology, an evening spent in this special restaurant is a work of art in its own right. 

Girsberger Customized Furniture developed the special armchair for various configurations, including a unit in conjunction with small tables. 

Eatrenalin, Europapark Rust, Germany

atelier 522, Markdorf, Germany

Renderings and drawings
atelier 522

Making-of images
André Bolliger, Girsberger

Services provided by Girsberger Customized Furniture:

Construction of the Floating Chairs based on design templates, joinery work, upholstery development, sophisticated sewing and upholstery technology, integration of electronics

The moulded polyurethane seat shells are upholstered with foam layers of varying firmness.

Particular attention was paid to the seam design in the high-quality production of the leather covers, enhancing the exclusive appearance of the chairs.