La Maison Cartier

La Maison Cartier / Richmond, Campus Villars-sur-Glâne Switzerland

Workstations made to measure

Like many other companies, Cartier has also responded to the developments that come hand in hand with increasing digitalisation and mobile ways of working. The brief was to provide employees with the best possible and most attractive workplaces, while also meeting the most demanding environmental requirements. Based on these criteria, Atelier Nova planned an area of 3,200 square metres from scratch with various customised furniture solutions from Girsberger.

Flexibility and various possibilities for communication and interaction were important to the planning team when redesigning the open-plan office spaces. The furniture, fixtures and fittings were designed extensively by Girsberger and offer a range of options for employees in terms of work situation – alone, in pairs, in a quiet withdrawn spot or open and cosy with a view of the surrounding landscape.

Wood played an important role in the design of the spaces in terms of storage furniture, cloakroom area, seating and wall panelling. The goal was to achieve Greengard Gold certification for the building, which also involved choosing products made from environmentally friendly materials in combination with short production routes. 

Various special pieces of furniture made of wood and with seat upholstery in pastel shades help to create an atmosphere of comfort and wellbeing. The sustainability of the fixtures and fittings was another important aspect of the design.

The furnishing solutions incorporate plants and special furniture with a beach holiday feeling, and the use of solid wood plays an important role in the overall effect.

La Maison Cartier / Richmond, Villars-sur-Glâne Campus, Switzerland

Atelier Nova S.A., Prilly,Switzerland

Custom-made desks with recesses for plants, tiered wooden seating, solid wood “Strandkorb” beach-chair elements with seat cushions, room dividers and panelling, metal construction elements 

Daniela & Tonatiuh