Room-in-room modules for open-plan offices

Office layouts with open-plan areas mean there is a need for private spaces. Superdraft Studio got together with Girsberger Customized Furniture to develop the idea of Tely specifically for telephone and video calls. 

The room-in-room modules are sound-absorbing, and provide an ergonomic work station and optimum lighting as well as a power outlet and network connections. The interior of the modular room elements boasts a neutral atmosphere with muted colours. A high-quality environment is ensured, thanks to visual and acoustic protection, integrated lighting and a work surface that is pleasant to the touch. 

Concept and design
Superdraft Studio GmbH SIA, Basel

Tely video call cabin

Project photos
Superdraft Studio, Niko Kopp

Making-of photos
André Bolliger

The modules were developed on the basis of specifications by the architects. The design took particular account of sustainability aspects, ergonomic and acoustic requirements, as well as the option of easy assembly and removal.