Hotel Castell, Zuoz, Switzerland

Overhaul of seating with an antique look

At Hotel Castell, tradition meets modernity – with a blend of classic Graubünden style and world-class architecture and design by the likes of Ben van Berkel, Hans-Jörg Ruch and Gabrielle Hächler. The furniture in the foyer dates from the early days of the striking, castle-like building. It was recently given a complete overhaul by Girsberger. 

The innate character of the antique chairs, armchairs and benches in the lounge had to be retained as it matches the style of the hotel. The solid oak frames were well preserved. These were adjusted, sand-blasted, smoothed and revarnished, while keeping their antique look. The upholstery padding was renewed and covered with high-quality fabrics. 

Pascale Suter & Ralf Gubler, Eidos AG, Küsnacht, Switzerland

Making-of and product photos
André Bolliger