Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne (KKL)

1,889 folding seats upgraded in the large concert hall at the KKL: Seating overhauled with brand new padding structure and new pivot mechanism.

Designed by the architect Jean Nouvel and constructed between 1995 and 1998, the KKL Lucerne is one of the most spectacular buildings in Switzerland. After almost two decades of intense use, the seat upholstery in the concert hall was showing clear signs of wear. The pivot bearings on the folding seats were also making disturbing noises. To restore its smart appearance, the usual standards of comfort and smooth functioning, Girsberger was asked to overhaul the entire seating.
The engineers and specialists from Girsberger came up with a new pivot mechanism and a completely new seat padding structure.



Jean Nouvel

Upgrading of folding seats, optimization of acoustics and fire prevention features

Daniel Kuhn

β€œThe biggest challenge was that the entire renovation took place during the concert season, and we had to make sure the work didn't interfere.”

Particular feature:
The seat and backrest upholstery, which complies with more stringent fire prevention standards, was prefabricated in the factory to guarantee quick replacement on site. The upholstery for the 1,889 seats was assembled in five stages, working two shifts – on site, in a mobile workshop housed in a container.