Steckborn Evangelical Church, Switzerland

Overhaul of solid oak pews

In 2015 the church in Steckborn, which was constructed between 1766 and 1768, was completely restored and renovated, starting with the exterior then moving on to the interior. The somewhat time-worn solid oak pews were also to be restored to their former glory. Girsberger dismantled all twenty pews and transported them to its own premises in Bützberg, where they were stored for the duration of the eight-month interior renovation phase and completely overhauled.

Steckborn, Switzerland

Renovation of solid oak pews

Daniel Kuhn


First, holes were drilled for the new heating pipes and the racks for hymn books were optimized. Finally, the six-metre-long pews were sand blasted and smoothed, then three coats of varnish were applied. 

Distinctive features:
Technical adjustments and complex transport logistics