A classic chair for the dining room covered completely in leather.
Design: Werksdesign
Kuba's simple lines and classic shape mean it goes perfectly with a wide range of dining tables and blends harmoniously into any environment. The leather-covered metal structure is soft to the touch and lends the chair a pleasant feel. Kuba is also available with closed armrests. With its linear topstitching along the sides, the leather upholstery is available in 14 colours. Kuba's slim design makes it a great fit even when there is little space available.

Focus on the materials

Kuba is all about the materials. A slender steel frame forms the basic structure. This is upholstered and covered with leather hide. A high level of seating comfort and high-quality leather components are the hallmarks of Kuba.

Product family

Kuba with armrests
Kuba medium 67
Kuba high 76


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