Warehouse logistics specialist/warehouse operative

Apprenticeship at Girsberger
in Endingen am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

At the Girsberger Endingen site, one of our tasks is to assemble all the swivel chair ranges. That requires thousands of blanks, semi-finished products, connectors and the like.  Our warehouse staff receive all these goods from the suppliers, check them, store them and distribute them as required to the manufacturing areas as per their set-up lists. At the end of the manufacturing process, the warehouse staff pack and load the finished products for international distribution.


Our apprentices carry out all these tasks, both during the two-year basic training as a warehouse operative and the three-year training as a warehouse logistics specialist. You'll also learn to drive a fork lift truck. Other exciting tasks are constantly optimizing logistics processes within the operation, calculating and checking key warehouse management figures and organizing delivery schedules.


Duration of apprenticeship: 2 years as a warehouse operative (short); 3 years as a warehouse logistics specialist

This is the right vocation for you if you:

like things to be orderly and are good at organizing, can work independently and with perseverance, are physically fit, and aren't afraid of operating fork lift trucks and other machinery. The required entry qualification is a good "Hauptschulabschluss" (German general education school leaving certificate after grade 9) for warehouse operatives and a "Mittlerer Bildungsabschluss" (general education school leaving certificate after grade 10) from a Werkrealschule or Realschule for warehouse logistics specialists.

«I'm fascinated by seamless processes. I enjoy my job because I'm making a constant contribution to ensuring everything runs smoothly. Our collaboration with the manufacturing areas is good. At Girsberger it's a given that you'll have the right machines, tools and equipment to work safely – with fork lift trucks as well.»

What you need to know about the apprenticeship

Two days of vocational training a week at Walter-Eucken-Gymnasium (warehouse logistics specialists) or Max-Weber-Schule (warehouse operatives) in Freiburg.

There is an option for those who complete an apprenticeship as a warehouse operative to do further training and become warehouse logistics specialists.