Solid wood table system for office and conference rooms
Design: Mathias Seiler
Adapt is a width- and length-adjustable solid wood table system. It is particularly suitable for furnishing representative office and conference rooms. The system's individual elements can be used to create single tables or large table systems to seat numerous people. Adapt's basic structure consists of length- and crosswise steel struts made of solid strip metal. Owing to Adapt's intelligent modular construction, the frames can be produced in virtually any length and width.

How are Girsberger solid wood tables made?

Gain an insight into our solid wood procurement and how our solid wood furniture is made. We’ll show you why wood is more than just a raw material.


Mathias Seiler

Born in 1963, he studied industrial design at Hamburg University of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Prof. Dieter Rams. He has worked internationally as a product designer for various renowned furniture makers and has received numerous awards. Mathias Seiler has had overall responsibility for design and marketing at Girsberger since 2010.


Central leg
Data box in wood
Data box with power socket
Foldaway cable tray
Modesty panel
Cable duct segment
Vertical cable conduit


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