Faktorenhaus, Schönbach, Germany

“Faktorenhäuser” or “faktor houses” are a particular building style in the East Central German region of Oberlausitz/Saxony. They were the living and trading quarters of “faktoren”, as canvas merchants were once known, who supplied textile processors with yarn and equipment. The main room on the ground floor is typically a separate wood block construction and surrounded by a supporting system. 

Built in 1785, the listed building in Schönbach is now used by the current owner – which is also a trading company: Starke Möbel GmbH. Atelier ST carried out the renovation and redesign of the run-down building. While the upper floors are used for administration by the furniture retailer and eight specialist XXL KÜCHEN ASS stores, the ground floor with the block wood living room at its heart is semi-public and used to host guests and as a seminar and conference room. 

Within the lavishly restored building, the existing and the new come together to form a consistent whole. The minimalistic colour scheme of the building is contrasted by the colourful accents of the furniture. This reference example illustrates in particular the very homely-looking furnishing options offered by Girsberger, notably through the use of solid wood tables combined with colourful, functional and comfortable seating. 

Hosting area with Akio table combined with historic bentwood chairs

Recessed workstation with Jack swivel chair

Seminar room with Nava moulded shell chair

Schönbach, Germany

Office planning
Atelier ST Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Leipzig, Deutschland

Nava, Akion, Jack, Authentic, Adapt

Robert Rieger